Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Ella Gives Up the "PASSIE"

I wanted to leave a short entry before going to is wearing me out. Tomorrow, Trent gets to meet his new teacher at Open House and he will get to see all of his friends that he's missed over the summer.

Today was Trent's first orthodontist appointment. We were told that he does not have fused teeth but rather a set of VERY LARGE front teeth with a 2-3 mm gap in the middle (it actually looks like a piece of his tooth has chipped and left a wide gap). We will be going back every 4 months until both teeth come in fully and then the orthodontist will fill in the gap and make it look like a normal tooth...a very large normal tooth. We will discuss it further as more teeth are lost and we get closer to braces.

But most importantly, today at Jackie's house Ella decided that it was time to get rid of the "passie." Jackie found out this summer that her son and daughter-in-law are expecting in March. Ella wants to give her passies to the new baby. So tonight we put all of them in a baggie, laid them next to the door, and she will deliver them to Jackie tomorrow morning. She went to sleep tonight without her passie!!!!! And she did extremely crying!

Monday, August 27, 2007

King of the Jungle

I finally got the video from yesterday to upload onto the site. I would've had it up earlier but I kept getting error messages. This is just a short video clip off our digital camera...sorry it's not the best but you get to hear and see a little.

I started back to school today and I was very excited about finding out who would be in my class. I don't think I've never been this excited about getting my class list before, but since I know most of the kids from teaching first grade last year and also knowing some of them personally as the parent of a member of their class I was really looking forward to seeing who I got on my roll. Trent found out who will be his teacher this year and he is also very excited that he will have 2 good friends in his class - Ahmad from his 1st grade class and Reece from his basketball team. And he will have Lindsey A. in his class again this year...many of you will remember that Lindsey is Becca A.'s identical twin sister, and Becca was Trent's best friend (who just happened to be a girl - not to be confused with a girlfriend) in kindergarten. we'll have to see how that one works out.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Special Delivery from Pops and Person

I apologize for not posting a blog in the past several days. It has been a little slow around here since we returned from Atlanta and there's not really a lot to write about. Trent will be singing a short solo and has a short speaking part in our church's Summer Children's Musical tomorrow morning. We have been rehearsing each Wednesday night since school ended...hopefully, it will go off without a hitch.

This afternoon a package "magically" arrived at our house addressed to Trent and Ella. After figuring out who was going to open the 1 box (they compromised-Trent opened the box and Ella took out the contents) the kids were surprised to find special items from Pops and Person. Trent was sooooooooooo happy to finally get a Harry Potter robe...Pops' Indianapolis Colts black fleece vest worked okay when playing Harry Potter but it just isn't the same as a 'real' Gryffindor robe. And he also found a magic wand inside the package...once again, the plastic watercolor paintbrush worked okay but it just isn't the same as a 'real' magic wand.

Ella was elated to find a PINK mug, complete with her name on the side. The first words out of her mouth..."I want to drink with it for lunch!" So off I go to wash it since lunch was almost ready.

COUNTDOWN TO SCHOOL YEAR 2007-2008... 1 day
I will be returning for workweek on Monday morning and Trent will be joining me on September 4th. It's hard to believe that the summer is over. However, the kids in the surrounding counties (and therefore, in our neighborhood) have been in school for a week now so it's nothing to cry over. Trent has actually been telling me for 2 weeks that he's ready to go back. I think he really just wants to know who his teacher is and then he will say he's ready for more summer. We will see.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Dress Up Ella

Just wanted to share a picture I took of Ella over the weekend. She has really gotten into playing "dress up." This is her Tinkerbell costume from last Halloween...many of you may remember that she absolutely hated wearing it in October, so it's quite funny that it is now her favorite thing to play in at home. And of course you must have the perfect pair of pink heels to go along! All she's missing is her princess crown - unfortunately, I think we left both of them in Atlanta. (Person, will you check and see if you have 2 crowns at your house? If so, can we have one back?)

Sad news to report...Trent told me yesterday that he is ready to clean out and sell all of his Rescue Heros toys to make room for new toys that are not so "little boyish." I knew it was coming eventually. He can't be a little boy forever, but part of me is still sad because this means he's getting big so fast. The other part of me says "Yippee!" This frees up a massive amount of space in his room. If anybody is interested in a full set of Rescue Heroes action figures, Command Center, helicopter, fire truck, etc. let me know. We told Trent that the money he makes from the sale can go towards buying new toys so he's moving along quickly at getting them ready to sell.

Well, I guess it's time to start the beginning of school countdown. I go back on August 27th and Trent will start September 4th.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Like Mother, Like Daughter

I took this short video in the car on our last day in Atlanta. Ella was in the backseat with one of her books that plays music and she started counting beats and directing. My camera ran out of memory space right after she started directing, but it's still cute. Enjoy my little Maestro!

Oh, yeah...if you're wondering what's on her head it's a paper hat from The Varsity in Atlanta. We ate lunch there that day.

Meet the Newest Member of our Family!

Some of you already know that Trent's fish, Randy, died right after we returned from Atlanta. Trent misses Randy a whole bunch but is very excited to introduce his new friend. This is a picture of William Overstreet...but Trent insists that we call him Will for short.
Will is a perwinkle blue and red male betta that loves feeding time. He has adapted well to his new surroundings in the tank on Trent's dresser.