Saturday, May 30, 2009

Ella's "REAL" Birthday

Even though we had Ella's birthday parties last week while Pops, Purson, and Abby were in town we wanted to make Ella's "REAL" birthday (that's what she's called today since this morning) special. So after we went to have her pictures taken we met Grammy and PawPaw at Red Robin for a special birthday lunch. We saved a present for her to open along with the gift Lucia and Mulie Craighead sent to her. Later this evening we went to the Red Sox game for Dixie Youth League Night. Trent had a great time being with friends and watching his favorite sport.

Ella LOVES shoes!! New flip flops from Mommy and Daddy...but where to put them?!?! There's no room left in her closet!

A new puppy from Lucia and Mulie!

Ella loves the doggie carrier!

Parade of Teams onto the field.

The Raptors are walking under the word "Center."

Just a pretty neat picture!

Trent and a few members of his team.

Ella joins the boys.

Luckily, it was Kids Run the Bases night...Trent didn't want to run so Ella and Daddy went out and had fun.

Coming across home plate.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

We are growing WATERMELONS!

Discovered 2 watermelon sprouts today while we were watering! We also noticed a 3rd squash spouting today!

So we now have 5 cucumber plants, 3 squash plants, and 2 watermelon plants. We are still waiting to see if we get any peppers or pumpkin plants to grow.

Trent is still thinking we will have a watermelon to eat by July 4th!