Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Summer has been Great!

I haven't had a lot of time to sit down and blog since we returned from Atlanta...sorry to my mom, dad, and sister. I've been working on various "projects" around the house over the last few weeks as well as keeping the kids occupied with things to do. Today we went to the free movies and saw "Alvin and the Chipmunks." It was a cute movie and I really enjoyed it. Next week I believe Trent has us planned to go see "Peter Pan."

Ella has been active with ballet lessons since we returned home. She has a class every Tuesday and is having a great time. We are also getting ready to go to the beach tomorrow so I really should get back to washing clothes and getting everything packed. I thought that while I was dumping all the pictures from the digital camera to the computer that I would sit down and show off a few from the past weeks.

The day after we returned from Atlanta (July 7), Ella and I dropped Trent off at church camp. Trent said he had a wonderful time and is already looking forward to next year. This was his first overnight camp and it was very different not having him home that week. Of course, Ella had a blast being the only child for a little while and being spoiled all week. Dylan and Trent roomed together during the week.

This is a picture I took while we were waiting to leave. As soon as we walked in the door it began to POUR down rain and they got a lengthy thunderstorm to start of the week.

Trent was most excited about getting to sleep on the top bunk. I was a bit worried the first night that he would roll off!

We did have to pick Trent up at camp on Thursday evening so he could make an appearance at his baseball banquet. Here are a few pictures.

The following week we joined Stephanie, Erika, and Grant at the Frog Pond. What a neat place to swim!

Hopefully, I won't be as slow getting beach pictures up when we get back on Sunday.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Home, Safe and Sound

We returned home from Atlanta on Sunday and took Trent to camp yesterday afternoon. Today I've been working on finishing up the rest of the laundry and changing all the sheets. I thought that I would post the last few things from Atlanta.

From our trip to see the Braves play...

From the 4th of July in Marietta Square...

From our relaxing Saturday afternoon at the pool...

Ella got a little braver this summer and made her way into the water. Last summer we could barely get her to put her feet in the pool. So this video will show you just how far along she has come since last year.