Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A Fun Time with Ella!

John took Trent to Cub Scouts tonight so Ella and I got to spend some time together at home. We began the evening by preparing our Valentine's. Here's a short clip...

Then Ella spent some time serenading me so I thought I might video a bit of it for everyone to enjoy. I must say that she gets a little less "tone deaf" each time I hear her sing. Now we just have to work on singing on the beat.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Trent Turns 8!

Trent turned 8 earlier in the month but we waited until Saturday to have his birthday party. And Pops, Purson, and Abby were able to come from Atlanta to help us celebrate! Since there was a Moon Bouncer we had a small friend party at the church and a family party at Mema's house later in the evening. Here are a few pictures of the whole day to enjoy!

Everybody enjoys a pizza lunch!

The 2 things Trent wanted most for his birthday were a digital camera (thanks to Pops and Purson)...

and a Science Kit(from Mom and Dad)!

After opening presents everyone was ready for more time in the bouncer - including Daddy!

Even Purson took some time to jump around!

After a quick stop at home it was off to Mema's for spaghetti with the family. We celebrated Trent's birthday along with Grammy and Daddy's.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

It's a SNOW DAY!!

It's been a while since I last posted...that's because there hasn't been a lot to blog about. Life has been "normal" since we returned from Pops and Purson's house after Christmas.

Today is what all school-age children and their teachers hope for...a SNOW DAY!! We had our fingers crossed and we did everything possible yesterday at school to get it to snow - we did a Snow Dance, shook the Snow Basket during math (I know that you have no clue what the Snow Basket is, just go along with it), wrote short stories about what we like to do in the snow, and then drew snow pictures (with white chalk of course) to go along with our writings. The only bad part of a snow day is that we have to make it up, but this one came at a good time for me personally so I don't mind making it up next week. It does mean that teachers will have to go to school next Saturday for inservice because we are losing our time for the make-up day next week. Oh well!

The snow has been falling off and on all morning and I heard some freezing precip. hitting the kitchen vent a little while ago. I hope that the kids will get a chance to venture out this afternoon...we will have to see how long it takes to let up.

I snapped a few pictures out front. These are especially for my cousins Don and Carol in Florida...we all know how much they enjoy a good snowfall (ha, ha). It doesn't look like a lot in the pictures but it's about 2-3 inches I imagine. Enjoy!

This is a look from our front porch down to Paul and Kim's house.

ADDED AT 3:30pm.............................................................

We were able to go outside for about 30 minutes after lunch today. There was still some precipitation falling and we were wet when we got inside, but it was so much fun...and I was able to shovel half of the driveway. Here are a few pictures and video clips. Ella had a hard time trying to walk.

This is the BEFORE picture! It took a while to get everyone dressed.

I told you the snow was deeper than it looked in the pictures at the top.

The AFTER picture!