Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Here are some more clips of Ella singing.

This song is called "Gray Squirrel" and it's one that I learned as a girl scout. I was very surprised when Ella came home from preschool a few weeks ago singing it. After much questioning we discovered that she learned it during a Melody Makers class. There are 2 video clips. Both are funny but see if you can figure out the difference between the 2 clips...it won't be hard.

The words to "Gray Squirrel"
Gray squirrel, gray squirrel, swish your bushy tail.
Gray squirrel, gray squirrel, swish your bushy tail.
Wrinkle up your funny nose, put it down between your toes.
Gray squirrel, gray squirrel, swish your bushy tail.

Gray Squirrell - 1st time

Gray Squirrel - 2nd time

This is Ella's last song. Her teacher has been working with them on learning the months of the year. You will notice that each time she sings it she leaves out one very important month...

Ella's New Songs

Ella has been learning lots of new songs at preschool. While Trent and Daddy were at Cub Scouts Ella asked to have me tape her singing her songs. Thought I would post them so you could see them.

"The Lord's Army"

Video clips aren't loading so I'll have to post the rest of them later. Sorry.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Annual Sunday School Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

We had so much fun today at the pumpkin patch! But we are so tired. Here are the pictures from our exciting day.

This year we decided it might be nice to take the new church bus. What a GREAT idea! All the kids had a friend to sit with and all the parents got to sit and talk. Another great thing about the new bus is that it has been equipped with a DVD player and 4 screens so the kids watched a movie on the way up the interstate.

Of course Ella rode with Kayleen.

And even though Trent thinks girls are yucky he rode with Lindsey...and it really wasn't that bad.

Ella and cousin Sydnie started playing as soon as we get off the bus.

Lindsey, Kayleen, and Ella try their hand at pumpking water.

Anyone interested in buying an Ella????

Mommy and Ella enjoy the hayride out to the pumpkin patch.

Trent and cousin Dylan enjoy the hayride.

Ella picked up several pumpkins before she found the right one.

Ella found her pumpkin!

Trent found his pumpkin!

Ella was determined to carry our family pumpkin.

Dylan, Trent, and friend Conner ride back to the farm.

Mmmmm...ice cream!

Ella has a handful of feed that she offered to the sheep but quickly dropped it as soon as the sheep started moving for it. I'm not surprised. I'm actually surprised that she tried it.

She was much happier talking to the roosters and chickens. She was trying to get them to say "Cock-a-doddle-doo"

Trent thought the horse was the best.

This picture was taken before the kids tried out the hay maze.

This is our annual picture of all the kids.

Trent and Lindsey rode back to the church together too.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Trent and Ella at Auntie's Cabin

When Abby and I were little we always got excited about going down to Aunt Hazel and Uncle Harold's cabin because it meant that we got to ride the horses. It's funny how things have changed...Libby built a new barn and moved her horses over to her house years ago and not long ago the fence around the barn was taken down. Now I watch my children play soccer where the horses once used to graze. And the biggest change?? Since there are no longer horses to ride we must find other types of entertainment..........................

John and Brent take Ella and Cole for a ride.

John, Trent, and Henry finish a ride up to the top of the hill and back.

Who needs horses when you've got a golf cart?!?!

Oh, my! I don't know if Pops knows how to operate the cart!

Love this picture of Brent hanging onto Cole for dear life and Henry telling Pops where to go.

One thing that has changed a lot would be the creek. My mother would've NEVER, NEVER, NEVER let Abby and me in the creek. The creek has been cleaned up a lot since I was little.

Ella's creek shoes didn't get too wet.

ABSOLUTELY LOVE Jill's face in this picture.

Appears that Ella is having a lot of fun!