Friday, May 30, 2008

Our Little Ella is 4 YEARS OLD!!!

Today is Ella's actual birthday. It's hard to believe that at this very time four years ago I had a hospital room full of people looking at our brand new baby girl. I thought everyone would enjoy a look back at May 30, 2004. I've also stuck in a few pictures of the days following Ella's birth since I had the CD out.
Poor Trent...if he only knew what he knew now. And if John and I only knew how much we'd see this crying face in the future years!
It's amazing how much Trent and Ella have grown. Think of it this way...when Ella was born Trent was only 5 months older than Ella is today. It's hard to remember him being that small.

This was Ella's "Going Home" day. Many of you will remember that this is the same dress that I wore home from the hospital in 1978. Still looks like new, huh?!?! It wasn't that long ago.

Tonight it was Ella's turn to pick where we were going to eat dinner. She of course picked CiCi's Pizza. Here are a few pictures of Ella's fun night at CiCi's followed by a trip to Gander Mtn. to exchange her sleeping bag (we took it out of the carrying bag on Sunday and found out that the drawstring was broken so back to exchange we went). After spending some time looking around Gander Mtn. we made a stop at Bruster's. Here are a few pictures and a video of our evening.

Grammy and PawPaw have been saving this present for Ella since Sydnie's birthday in March. Sydney asked for a pink bible for her birthday so they went ahead and bought Ella's at the same time. The new Pioneer Clubs at church are really stressing getting children into the habit of bringing their Bible to church so now Ella has one! And a hot pink case to carry it in!

Trent went to spend the night with Dylan at Grammy and PawPaw's so Ella had Mommy and Daddy all to herself.

Mommy's a little pooped...we had our field trip to the park today to meet our PenPals from West. We only picked the hottest day this week to go!
I'm not quite sure what has gotten into Ella and all the funny faces.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ella's 4th Birthday Party

Even thought Ella doesn't turn 4 until Friday we went ahead and had her birthday party on Sunday evening while Mom, Dad, and Abby were in town. Here are a few pictures of her Princess Party.

Trent picked out 2 books for Ella during the school Book Fair a few weeks ago.

Ella made us all laugh when she opened up Pops and Purson's present. I asked her, "What did you get from Pops and Purson?" She pulled out the hangers that were laying in the bottom of the box and started laughing.
But hangers weren't the only thing that Pops and Purson brought for Ella. Now she has a new bathing suit to wear while we are in Atlanta this summer!
Pops and Purson also gave Ella another dress with a matching dress for her doll.

Aunt Abby always does a great job shopping for cutie dresses! And of course we must have matching sunglasses.

Now Ella can go camping! Mommy and Daddy gave her a new pink and purple sleeping bag.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ella's Class Performs Their Recital Piece

On Thursday, Ms. Leslie asked for Ella's class to wear their costumes to today's class. One of the little girls in Ella's class is not going to be able to attend the recital so they did a "mini" recital today for all the parents. Here are some pictures and video to enjoy. The video had to be broken in 2 parts so you will miss a few seconds in between.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Ella's Ballet Pictures on Tuesday

Tuesday was picture day for Ella and Sydney. Here are a few pictures and videos of the ordeal.
This is a video clip I took of Ella's teacher trying to get everyone placed for the group picture. Ella is sitting on the stool to the left of the screen.

Trent's Baseball Game Monday Night

Here are a few pictures of Trent's baseball game Monday night.
Trent played catcher again at this game.

Ella and Mommy have a little fun while the other team is up to bat.

Ella is very lucky that there are other little sisters on the team this year!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Jordan and Emily go to the Prom!

We are all so excited that Jordan and Emily finally decided to go to Prom together. They are going to Emily's Prom and Jordan's After-Prom. We were invited to Donny and Chris' for pre-prom pictures. Then we went and ate dinner with our friends, Stephanie and Bill. Then it was right back to Donny and Chris' for Adam's college graduation party. Here are a few pictures from the exciting afternoon.

And where would these 2 be tonight if it weren't for John helping to get them together?

Terry had a great time entertaining Trent and Ella during Adam's graduation party!